The Ultrafast Test Cloud

The testing platform that actually reduces testing

The Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud uses Visual AI to increase test coverage across web, mobile, and desktop apps without increasing test creation time or maintenance. Get everything your team needs to build and test higher-quality applications.

An AI-powered platform for all your testing needs

Applitools Eyes

The industry leading visual testing platform that accurately verifies your web apps, websites, and native mobile applications.

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Applitools Ultrafast Grid

The next generation cross browser testing cloud to help teams increase test coverage without adding time to their release cycles.

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Applitools Native Mobile Grid

Test native mobile applications for visual bugs across popular iOS and Android faster and more reliably than other grids.

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The team at Applitools has taken a fresh approach to cross browser testing with the Ultrafast Grid. While traditional cloud testing platforms are subject to false positives and slow execution, Applitools’ unique ability to run Visual AI in parallel containers can give your team the unfair advantage of stability, speed, and improved coverage. This modern approach to testing is something that all DevOps professionals should strongly consider.
Igor Draskovic BNY Mellon
VP, Developer Specialist
Applitools has changed the way we approach QA, making us a faster, more consistent development team, as well as giving us more confidence in the quality of our product with every push to production
Alex Dinari Age of Learning
Senior Front-End Engineer
At first our developers didn’t believe in visual automation. Now they’ve been singing Applitools’ praises because it catches critical bugs.
Greg Sypolt Gannett
Director, Quality Engineering
I love how Applitools Eyes has the smarts to ignore minor visual differences in your components, especially when testing on different browser types where it’s easy for layout to be off by a pixel.
Kent Dodds
Kent C. Dodds
JavaScript engineer and creator of

AI Powered Visual Testing

Applitools Eyes

Applitools Eyes allows you to leverage Visual AI to capture functional and visual bugs that would otherwise slip into production. Visual AI replicates the human eyes and brain, instantly spotting functional & visual regressions, while ignoring differences that don’t matter. Leverage any of our over 50 SDKs to easily insert Applitools Eyes assertions directly into your existing test code.

Spend Less Time Writing & Maintaining Tests

Quickly reduce the time it takes to create, execute, and maintain automated tests by replacing traditional functional testing with artificial intelligence using our powerful SDK.

Increase Test Coverage

Applitools enables teams to drastically improve their test coverage by using Visual AI to validate every single element visible to users – all with a single command.

Improve Use Experience

Applitools Eyes enables teams to ship better user experiences. These better digital experiences drive up conversions and revenue, increase retention, and delight

Cross Browser Testing Grid

Applitools Ultrafast Grid

Run your functional & visual tests once locally and the Ultrafast Grid instantly renders them across any combination of browsers, devices, and viewports you specify. Each screen is verified using Visual AI to make sure no bugs leak to production.

Faster Cross Device Testing

Applitools Ultrafast Test Grid executes cross browser tests up to 9x faster than other cloud platforms. It’s ridiculously fast.

50+ iOS and Android Devices

Get access to the latest iOS and Android devices to test your native mobile applications on a wide selection.

Get Started Quickly

Add cross browser tests to your test suite today with just extra lines in your config file for the ultimate developer experience.

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Applitools SDKs

Get access to all of this through our powerful SDK

Our extensive set of SDKs and integrations allow developers to continue to use the tools they know and love, and integrate right into your test frameworks and DevOps workflow. We include SDKs for more than 50 testing frameworks for easy implementation into your existing tests. The broad range of SDKs and our commitment to the testing community ensures not only will we work with your existing framework, but we will grow with you as your testing needs and frameworks evolve over time.

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