Applitools was founded by software developers on a mission to shorten the release cycles of their product

Despite having good unit test coverage and automated end-to-end functional tests, a full manual regression of the UI, covering multiple operating systems, web browsers, screen resolutions, and localizations, took days to complete.

Back at the time, there were plenty of excellent commercial and open-source tools that allowed you to test the functionality of your app through the UI, but there were no tools that allowed you to automatically test the look & feel and user experience of your app. That is, verifying that each UI element in each page appears in the right color, shape, position, and size, and that it does not overlap or hide other UI elements.

After years of hard work carried out by experts, we successfully built a vast tech-stack that solved the automated visual UI testing problem

A masterpiece that includes:

  • AI-powered computer vision algorithms that emulate the human eye and brain, that can instantly analyze entire application pages and report differences only visible to the human eye. Break down images into their layout and structure and automatically detect similar differences across different pages of your app running on different browsers and devices.
  • Dozens of SDKs that allow developers and testers to easily add visual checkpoints to their existing tests in all major automation frameworks and programming languages.
  • Robust backend servers that can process and store massive screenshots at infinite scale. Available both as cloud services and on-prem.
  • A sophisticated web app that allows you to easily inspect test results, zoom-in on visual changes and automatically group similar differences to only see unique ones.
  • Integrations with leading CI systems, issue trackers and collaboration services.

We are thrilled to see how our work is changing the landscape of software development from app development to testing, deployment and monitoring, and we are committed to continue working hard to take our unique technology to new heights and continue to delight our users.

Applitools is based in San Mateo, California with R&D offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. Contact us

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