What is Cypress?

Cypress is a JavaScript testing framework that has been embraced by front end developers for its speed, interactivity, and reliability.

How do I automate using Cypress?

Installing Cypress is quick and easy via NPM. Once installed, you can run the included sample specs and use them as the basis for your own tests. You may also want to check out the popular Cypress automation class on Test Automation University – we’ve provided a direct link further down on this page.

Why use Cypress for testing?

Cypress has been gaining traction amongst front-end developers and test engineers for it’s speed and simplicity. Cypress is based in JavaScript, so if that is your language of choice, it’s certainly worth checking out. One additional note is that Cypress is designed for test automation vs other frameworks that were simply designed to “drive” or automate browser interactions.

Is Cypress open source?

The Cypress team writes that their test runner is open source – for up to date details, we suggest visiting their page directly at Cypress.io

Does Cypress support cross browser testing?

For a long time, Cypress only supported test execution in Google Chrome – more recently, they have added support for Edge and have beta support for Firefox. We suggest using Applitools for extensive support of all browsers, devices and viewports – the Cypress and Applitools integration is simple, seamless and fast! Learn more by visiting our Cypress SDK tutorials page.

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