What is localization?

Localization is the process of customizing a software application that was originally designed for a domestic market so that it can be released in a specific foreign market. The process of localizing can be complex – applications need to be modified for locale-specific resources such as text, images, documents. currency, and more.



Do I need to test localization?

Localization, while important for global reach, introduces a substantial risk of bugs escaping into production. Common  issues with localization include: broken functionality, untranslated text, text overlap and overflow, layout corruption, oversized windows & dialogs, and inadequate fonts.


How can Applitools help with localization testing?

Applitools Visual AI simplifies UI localization testing by capturing screenshots of each state in each localization and comparing it with a baseline image. This process is fast and efficient – by only focusing on the screens that have changes, a huge amount of time and effort is saved.

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Localization testing with Applitools Visual AI boosts productivity for teams who need to test applications across numerous regions and languages.

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